Making the Most of Your Space – Part 1


Do I Need This?

“What are some ways to

make the most of my space?”

The SpaceMaster Speaks . . .

As Americans, it always seems that we never have enough space for our stuff.  Home editions, storage units, attics, basements, and/or garage enhancements are usually the default solution for our space issues.  However, with each of these space solutions comes a hefty price tag and only a band-aid approach to the real problem.

The truth is: lack of space is typically is not the cause of clutter or disorganization. Statistics reveal that most Americans only use 20% of what they own on a regular basis.  The other 80% that we never use or occasionally use crowd us out of house and home.

Solution #1: Put a D.I.N.T. in your stuff.

Before renting that extra storage unit or charging off to the local superstore to buy storage containers, stop and ask yourself:  D.I.N.T?  (Do I Need This?)  For a visual resource, click on the following link:  Do I Need This Matrix

Within the D.I.N.T. Matrix are four statements to contemplate before keeping, storing or organizing your stuff.   Ask Yourself:

1.  Does This Support Me? Keeping this item supports me financially, physically, emotionally and/or spiritually.  If you can honestly state that something is supporting your greater well being then by all means keep it!  However that treadmill that is currently doubling as a clothes hanger does not count!  But if you use it on a regular basis it is supporting you financially in that you aren’t paying a monthly fee to belong to the gym or it is supporting you physically because you are exercising.

2.  Does This Keep Me Stuck? Keeping this item keeps me stuck:

Financially: Does this item cost you more to store it than it is worth?

Physically: Does this item take up space that something or someone more important could use?

Does keeping this item limit your space physically?

Emotionally: Does this item bring you unhealthy pain, anger, guilt or sadness?

Spiritually: Does this item make you feel closer or further away from God or a higher being?

Does this item bring you true fulfillment or does it give you a false sense of joy?

3.  Would others benefit more than myself? Ask yourself: Would this item that I never or rarely use be useful to someone else?  If you have an item that is sitting there taking up space month after month, year after year, chances are it’s time to pass the item along.  Even if it is a gift you received or that you paid top dollar for it doesn’t matter!  Remember unused/rarely items are only taking up much needed space and are unnecessary clutter in your life.  If the item is truly something special or a treasure, then use it and enjoy it.

4.  Am I not sure? If after working your way through the top three statements of the D.I.N.T. Matrix you are still not sure whether or not this item should be kept or passed along, then your item needs to go through the “I’m not sure” process.  What is the “I’m not sure” process?  If there is an item that you are not sure that you are ready to get rid of yet then box it up.  Yes, that’s right, box it up!  Once you box it up, write today’s date on the box and give yourself a deadline to make a decision.  For example, if after six months you have not used, thought about or even remembered the items in your box you know it is time to get rid of it.  Since you haven’t missed it . . . chances are six months from now you won’t miss it then.

Remember . . . you are the master of your space, your space should not be mastering you.  Ivern Ball said it best: “That which you cannot give away, you do not possess.  It possesses you.”

Interested in setting up an organized storage system that works for you and your needs?  Contact SpaceMasters at 818.232.7145 or e-mail:  Watch for more postings on this topic . . . coming soon!


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