What Does Your Disorganization Say About You?

Through the years I have heard, “you are what you think” and even “you are what you eat” . . . but how about “you are how you organize?”

This past week the new 2011 Workplace Organization Survey by OfficeMax was published.  After reading through the results I was struck not by the statistics, but rather by the descriptive phrases giving life to these percentage points.  Words and phrases such as: negative impact, hurt productivity, unhappiness, reduced motivation, affected state of mind, thinking less of, lacking, and ashamed.  Depressing, huh?  These definitely aren’t the words that one would use to describe an employee of the month.  But, according to the survey, these phrases describe a good number of our American work force.

The Stats

  • 68 percent of Americans say they need to improve their organizational skills.
  • 90 percent of Americans say disorganization at home or work has a negative impact on their lives.
  • 77 percent say it hurts productivity.
  • 65 percent say clutter affects their state of mind.
  • 53 percent say it reduces motivation.
  • 40 percent say it leaves them feeling unhappy.
  • 53 percent of Americans admit they think less of co-workers who have messy desks, while
  • 40 percent say a co-worker’s cluttered workspace makes them assume the person is lacking in other aspects of their job.
  • 13 percent say they think less of their cluttered colleagues.
  • 35 percent of American admit they are ashamed of anyone seeing their desk/workspace.
  • 28 percent said they are ashamed to let someone see their bedrooms.

Source: 2011 Workplace Organization Survey by OfficeMax

It is easy to gather from these stats that disorganization negatively affects us and our work.  It is easy to see that we aren’t as productive.  But, oftentimes we forget what it communicates to our business clients, bosses, and colleagues. If a job offer, a client contract, a raise or promotion were dependent on the condition of our desk/workspace or our organizational skills, would we be granted the deal?

Several years ago I drove up in front of a house I was considering renting and was greeted curbside by the landlord.  This potential landlord started asking me questions about my car like: how long have you had your car? and how do you like it?  I was a little confused why the landlord cared so much about my little economic Honda Accord.  With all of the interest she was showing, you would have thought I was driving the newest luxury car on the block.  Finally after giving my little Honda the once over, she finally offered to show me the house.  After touring the little house, I knew I wanted to make it my home.  I asked the landlord if she had a lot of people interested in renting the house.  She said, “Yes, I  have shown this place to several people, but quite honestly, you are the only person I would consider renting it to.”  Puzzled, I asked her why I was the only person who made the cut.  She replied, “You are the only person that I have showed this place to that keeps their car clean and tidy.  From experience I know if someone takes good care of their car, chances are they will take care of my rental.”  That afternoon we signed a lease.

What does your organization or disorganization say about you?  Are you missing out on greater things in life like: promotions, business contracts, less stress, more productivity, greater job satisfaction because things are not in order?  Don’t wait until it is too late to do something about it.  Professional organizers are trained to help even the most disorganized people to achieve greater results, more focus and less stress.  Don’t allow yourself to become a national disorganization statistic.

Contact SpaceMasters at 818.232.7145 or e-mail: info@thespacemasters.com for more information on our organizing services.  http://www.thespacemasters.com

SpaceMasters’ mission is to free people from the bonds of clutter and disorganization in a non-judgmental and caring way by offering a complete range of solutions, services and products that transform unorganized spaces into efficient, functional and enjoyable environments thus allowing them to reduce stress, be more productive and save valuable time and money.



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