Organizing Lessons from My First Client

Tammy's Pantry Before SpaceMasters

Tammy's Pantry Before SpaceMasters

This past weekend I ran into one of my very first organizing clients which I will just refer to as Tammy to protect her identity.  It was so fun to catch up with her and to hear that the organizing systems we had set up for her several years ago were still working.  As we were talking at this social gathering,Tammy started to tell me what she had learned from our time together and how it has changed her life.  I thought this week I would share some of what she discovered about herself and organizing during our time together.

Lessons Learned From Tammy

1.  A New Way of Thinking: Tammy shared that every time she goes to organize or straighten something in her house she asks herself: “What would Julie do?”  “Would Julie keep this?”  I have to admit that I laughed picturing Tammy standing in her closet asking: “Would Julie keep this hat?”  But after having a good chuckle she said, “I didn’t think like an organized person before, but working with you opened my eyes and I have a new way of thinking about organization.”  Tammy use to believe that she “wasn’t born organized”, but after working together she said she believes if you are willing to change your way of thinking, it is possibly to think and behave like an organized person.

2.  Break it Down: Tammy also confessed that she use to balk at the thought of organizing because it just seemed too overwhelming.  One of the very first things we did together was break down our organizing project (which was Tammy’s kitchen, pantry and service porch area) into steps.  Each session we would tackle a certain area and at the end I would assign Tammy a homework assignment to accomplish before our next session together.  Tammy would always struggle to want to do more than her homework, but then would find that she would get fatigued, overwhelmed and would just walk away from the mess.  It was then that I introduced Tammy to one of my favorite organizing tools . . . a timer!  I told Tammy she could not organize more than 30 minutes a day.  Tammy thought that 30 minutes would not be enough time, but soon discovered that she got more done when she knew there was a deadline and she had to tackle smaller projects.  Tammy shared that this past week she started re-organizing her closet, but she only allows herself to either do one section at a time or only 30 minutes per day.  Organizing projects no longer seem overwhelming to her but rather doable and enjoyable.

Tammy's Pantry After SpaceMasters

Tammy's Pantry After SpaceMasters

3. Less Time Doing Chores, More Time Doing Fun Things: As our conversation started to come to an end, Tammy said, “I have to tell you, I didn’t really think that getting organized would save me so much time.  I spend less time looking for things because they are organized and I know where to find it and where to put it away. Everything has a home.  It makes doing chores so much easier and faster.  I find that now I have more time to do the things I really enjoy like my crafts, tennis and cooking.”

Nothing excites an organizer more than hearing that their work helped change a person’s life.  I love hearing that people have more time to enjoy the things they truly love.  I love hearing that people save considerable amounts of money being organized.  I love hearing that people are no longer living or working in frustrating, stressful spaces.  Bottom line, I love helping people master their space, so they can master their world.

As we parted ways, Tammy told me one last thing.  With a remorseful look on her face she said, “I just wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to get organized.  I should have done this sooner.  You made it so simple and easy. ”

Have you been putting off getting organized?  Let SpaceMasters make it simple and easy for you! For assistance in mastering your home or business space, contact SpaceMasters at 818.232.7145, e-mail: or visit us on the web at:

SpaceMasters’ mission is to free people from the bonds of clutter and disorganization in a non-judgmental and caring way by offering a complete range of solutions, services and products that transform unorganized spaces into efficient, functional and enjoyable environments thus allowing them to reduce stress, be more productive and save valuable time and money.


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