Spring Cleaning or Spring Flinging?

It is that time of the year.  Flowers and trees are starting to bloom, the days are starting to get warmer and whispers of Spring can be felt in the air.  Along with the start of March Madness, another season of baseball and thoughts of the Easter quickly approaching, spring cleaning is a “to-do” that we see on the cover of every magazine at the checkout stand.

This year as you start to contemplate your task list for spring cleaning let me challenge you to approach this yearly chore with a new mindset.  Spring is a symbol of fresh starts, new beginnings and new life.  Yet, so much of our spring cleaning is really nothing more than dusting or rearranging the old, the tired and the unused.  So how can we call that Spring Cleaning?  Feels more like Winter Cleaning.  Blah.

It has been said that Americans only use 20% of what they own.  The other 80% comprises of items:

1)  We don’t use

2)  We feel we should use

3) We think we might use someday

The unfortunate thing is the 80% ends up costing us valuable time and money.  We spend millions of dollars a year to store the 80% in storage units.  The 80% takes up valuable spaces and places in our homes.  The 80% does not bring to our minds visions of fresh starts, new beginnings and new life.  So what does one do?

This spring . . . contemplate doing some Spring Flinging and not just some Spring Cleaning.  As you dive into the task of “spring cleaning” ask yourself:

  • Do I Need This?
  • If it is truly a treasure of mine, why is it in a box or in storage?  Why am I not enjoying it?
  • Could someone else benefit more for this?
  • Could I sell this?
  • Could I recycle this?
  • Could I donate this?
  • Could I toss this?

This year don’t spend the time “cleaning” the things that you never use or don’t even really like.  Did you know that getting rid of clutter eliminate 40% of all housework in the average home?  This year don’t spend the money storing items in a storage unit that could be purchased several times over for the amount of rent you pay to store it.

Don’t just spring clean . . . be willing to spring fling!

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