About SpaceMasters / Julie Harvey

About SpaceMasters

SpaceMasters helps clients relax, recapture and enjoy their lives by transforming unorganized spaces into efficient, functional and pleasurable environments.  The firm’s expert organizers, proprietary, individualized systems and transitional coaching programs inspire clients to maintain organized homes and offices for years to come.SpaceMasters frees clients from the bonds of clutter, letting them lead productive lives with time to live, work and play in peace.

About Julie Harvey

While other kids her age were climbing trees and watching cartoons, eight year-old Julie Harvey was making “Shirts” and “Pants” labels for her closet with a marker and masking tape during summer vacation. It was obvious early on that Julie had a special gift for mastering unorganized spaces and places.

Her background includes over 16 years working as a youth specialist in the non-profit sector, along with extensive administration and organization experience. After leaving the non-profit world, Julie founded the California based professional organizing firm, SpaceMasters (formerly known as Corganize) to assist people in mastering their unorganized spaces. In addition to leading a team of highly skilled organizers, The SpaceCadets, she is an acclaimed speaker and workshop presenter. Julie’s first book, Get Your Mind Out of the Clutter!, will be released in August of 2010. She was awarded Congressional Recognition by U.S. Congresswoman, Grace Napolitano in 2008 for her volunteer work, and named Professional of The Year in 2009 from Cambridge Who’s Who. She is also a proud member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and The Greater Conejo Chamber of Commerce.


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